Hosting packages explained

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server):

VPS hosting uses virtualization technology to simulate having your own dedicated server. Therefore, a virtual private server (VPS) is both virtual and private because you have complete control. It is separated from other server users on the OS level.


Linux Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is a web hosting package where a single physical server hosts multiple sites. Each user is assigned a section of the server where they can host their website files. With Linux shared hosting, the server is simply a Linux-based server.


Windows Shared Hosting:

Windows shared hosting is the same as a Linux based hosting server with the only difference being that the underlying Operating System is Windows. 


Email Only Hosting:

Email Only hosting cater to those who are not interested in having a website hosted online, but rather a personalized and professional email address only. As with our other hosting packages, Email Only hosting will need to have the desired domain name registered.


Linux Cloud Server Hosting:

The Linux Cloud Server hosting package is a self-managed cloud server with dedicated resources. This means you do not share a server with other users. Do note that backups, updates and general software maintenance are up to the user.


Register/Parked domain:

A parked domain is a registered domain name that is active but with no website hosted. Instead, a parked domain will display a “parked page” to users who visit the url. Domain parking is a good way to ensure that a domain name you wish to use in future will not be registered by someone else. 


WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting is intended for any person that intends to make use of WordPress to design their website. WordPress hosting servers are specifically designed to offer the fastest, most secure and reliable WordPress Hosting platform for your website and is also Optimized with LiteSpeed web service and LS Cache to provide unmatched performance, security and stability.


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