Which devices can I use with this service?

MTN can only allow devices which have been network approved by MTN. This range of devices includes: Billion BiPAC 8206 AZ, Huawei 5G CPE PRO 2, Huawei B2368 (outdoor device), Huawei B2368-22 (outdoor device), Huawei B2368-57 (outdoor device), Huawei B2368-66 (outdoor device), Huawei B525S-23A, Huawei B525S-65A, Huawei B525S-95A, Huawei B535-932, Huawei B612-233, Huawei B612-533, Huawei B612S-25D, Huawei B612S-51D, Huawei B612S-52D, Huawei B618S-22D, Huawei B618S-65D, Huawei B618S-66D, Huawei B818-263, Mikrotik Chateau LTE12, TP-Link Archer MR600(EU)2.0, VIDA CPE4000-PLUS, VIDA CPE4000-PRO, ZTE 5G CPE MC801A, ZTE MF286, ZTE MF286A, ZTE MF286C, ZTE MF286C1, ZTE MF286D, ZTE MF286R, ZYXEL LTE7460 (outdoor device), ZYXEL LTE7480-M804

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