First time setup

1. Once you're connected to the router, you should be automatically redirected to the router page. If not, open your preferred browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and enter in the address bar.

Login url

2. Follow the steps to accept the Privacy Notice and User Agreement.

Huawei Mobile Privacy Notice

Huawei User Agreement


3. Select to enable the Overnight Updates or choose to update manually.

Huawei Overnight updates


4. Set your preferred Wi-Fi name and Password.

Huawei Wi-fi Name & Password


5. Set your device login password and click Finish. You will be directed to the router's status page. *You have the option of making the password the same as your Wi-Fi password.

Huawei Device Login & Password


6. Once on the Status page. Click on Network Settings

Network Settings


7. Scroll down on the page, and click on the + sign next to Profiles.


8. On the Profile management popup window, enter the following APN info. Profile name: Axxess - APN: ws.axxess.fwa, then click save.


9. Click on the Home button to go back to the status screen, and click the Enable/Disable Mobile Data button to activate the LTE connection.


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