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What is Axxess VoIP?
How does it work?
Do I get Rollover?
How Many Devices can I use my SIP account on?
Do I have to use an Axxess VoIP phone?
Do I Need a VoIP phone?
How long does it take to port a Telkom number?
What are the payment options?
What's this all going to cost?
Does Axxess VoIP work on WiFi, 3G, ADSL, Edge connectivity?
What do I need to use Axxess VoIP?
Can I keep my Geographic Number?
How long does the RICA process take?
What documentation is required to RICA my Axxess VoIP Number?
What do I need to do to port my Telkom voice landline to my Axxess VoIP service?
How much does it cost to call to an 087 number?
Does it cost more to call an "087" number?
Can I use it on my Smartphone?

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